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Located in Canada’s national capital, the University of Ottawa Press (UOP) is the publishing arm of one of Canada’s top research universities and one of the world’s top bilingual universities. UOP is also North America’s only fully bilingual university press and oldest French-language university press.

UOP’s mission is to enrich intellectual and cultural life through the publication and dissemination of award-winning high-end trade and scholarly works in the humanities and social sciences, in English or in French. As the publishing house of the University of Ottawa, UOP publishes in both official languages and is committed to bilingualism and multiculturalism. As a university press, UOP has built a peer-reviewed publishing program that reflects and promotes critical and ethical thought, first-class research, intellectual integrity, social responsibility and innovation, thereby contributing to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and unrestricted access to scholarly research, informing public debate and enhancing our collective appreciation of the arts and culture in Canada.

The UOP publishing program includes nineteen series structured along three axes:

  1. Francophonie & Canadian Studies;
  2. Politics, Public Policy and Globalization;
  3. Contemporary Society. A fourth axis, Praxis, is perpendicular to these and comprises textbooks and other pedagogical materials. The publishing program also includes the Harvest House imprint as well as the Mercury Series (Canadian Museum of History) imprint.

Since 1936, over 1,100 titles have been published, with over 500 in circulation today, offered in various print and digital formats. Its digital holdings include over 1,000 active titles.

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